VOLUNTEER – You can offer assistance in many ways.  Contact us at (231) 398-8688 or email if you are interested in volunteering to be a part of:
Voter Awareness Sub-committee
Communications Sub-committee
Young Conservatives Sub-committee
Events Sub-committee
Adopt -a- Highway Sub-committee
Membership/Outreach Sub-committee
Fundraising Sub-committee
Help at Campaign Headquarters
Help with Voter Identification & Outreach
Display Yard Signs
Help Distribute Literature
Help on a Campaign Committee
Help Get Out the Vote on Election Day
Help with Mailings
Help on a Telephone Bank
STAY INFORMED – Contact us for updates and/or other information by one of the following:  Call us at (231) 398-8688.   Email or write us at P.O. Box 143, Ludington, MI 49431-0143.